BeastI keep posting about this film, but I still have yet to see it. It seems like a no brainer for the type of film that I would like though. All the components seem to be there…fantasy, myth and a cute little girl with crazy acting skills. Despite not having seen it yet, the film continues to wow audiences all across the world. Winning award after award. It should be coming out on dvd soon, but until then The Creators Project put a little something together that tells of how they created the sound for the film. I’ve also included interesting “the making of” videos below. Enjoy!

We caught up with Benh Zeitlin and co-composer Dan Romer in the video above to discuss the score and Romer’s “scientific ability” to match sound to what Zeitlin showed him onscreen. The symbiotic relationship also works because as Zeitlin films, he is conscious of leaving out dialogue in moments “so the music can fill it in.” The pair also talked to us about some of their favorite off-kilter instruments, and performed a couple stripped-down renditions of the film’s theme.