Do we want to see an old Han Solo in the new Star Wars films?


What is the consensus on bringing back characters into the new Star Wars films?  I vote no.  I don’t want to see an old arse of a Han Solo attempting to swagger around in the new Disney releases.  I have never read the books concerning the George Lucas created universe, so, I don’t know what is out there to dive into, but, there has got to be some intriguing characters out there to freshen the series.  A friend recently explained to me the fate of Chewbacca.  He gets crushed by a moon.  That, I would like to see.

I pulled the picture above from GeekTyrant‘s website.  It is a custom-made, Old Han Solo, conception action figure that UkkoRunner created from some Hot Toys figurines. I don’t know, maybe I’m just sick of Harrison Ford.  What’s you’re opinion?  Do you read the novels?  Have any good ideas for the new films?

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