EIT’S Holiday Special 2012: Cataclysmic Transformation is coming to Phoenix Arizona

EITIt’s that time of the year again. Yes! When we gather with our love ones near the fire drinking Mad Dog laced eggnog, decorating the tree with crazy old ornaments from our childhood that could give us tetanus. So who better to spend those vomitus yule tides with than Everything Is Terrible. That’s right kids, those kooky VHS-philes are back and bringing their insane collection of beta oddities to the Phoenix Filmbar December 19, 2012. Folks, if you are unfamiliar with what EIT does, your fucked, caused there’s no way in hell I can articulate the insanity that is Airwave Ranger, Commodore Gilgamesh, Defenestrator III, Future Schlock, Ghoul Skool, Rem Lezar andYonder Vittles. What I do know is this, they’ve been raping my childhood going on five years now and strangely enough, I don’t mind. Just when you think they can’t find anymore mind numbing VHS footage they break you off with some more. I’ve no idea what they have in store for this Christmas event, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’s going to be jacked up and so worth it. Below is a list of their remaining tour dates along with some videos. Myself and the uber talented Lisa Vega will be there so if you see us don’t be a bitch, come on over and say what up!

12-9 – Montreal @ Pub Brouhaha @ 8PM
12-10 – Worcester, MA @ The Firehouse @8PM
12-11 – Troy, NY @ 51 3rd St @ 7PM
12-12 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House @ 8:30PM (BUY!) with Thu Tran!
12-13 – Philadelphia @ PhilaMOCA @ 7PM (BUY!) and 9:30PM (BUY!) with The Video Pirates!
12-14 – Boston @ The Coolidge Corner @ 11:59PM (BUY!)
12-15 – Baltimore @ 5th Dimension (405 W Franklyn) @ 10PM (EIT show time) with The Wham City Theater Night @ 8PM!
12-16 – Pittsburgh @ Filmmakers’ Melwood Room @ 8PM (BUY!)


12-9 – UC Davis @ TCS Building Art Annex @ 8PM
12-10 – Portland @ The Hollywood Theatre @ 7PM (BUY!)
12-11 – Olympia @ Le Voyeur @ 7PM
12-12 – Vancouver @ The Biltmore Cabaret @ 7PM (BUY!)
12-13 – Seattle @ Central Cinema @ 7 (BUY!) and 9:30 PM (BUY!)
12-14 – Boise @ Spacebar Arcade @ 9PM
12-15 – Salt Lake City @ The Coffee Pit @ 8PM
12-16 – Denver @ The Denver Film Center/Colfax @ 7PM (BUY!)


Phoenix FIlm Bar Website

Everything Is Terrible Website

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