Left 4 Dead fan film is a gamer’s delight


I would really like to spoil this fan film, based on the Left 4 Dead game franchise, because if you are a supporter of independent productions and/or a gamer this is something you shouldn’t miss.  The soundtrack, including Elbow‘s “Grounds for Divorce,” is excellent and the final 3 minutes is full of cameos that anyone who has picked up a joystick in recent years will appreciate.

 Northern 5 Productions and Airsoft G.I., an airsoft gun and ammo company, teamed up to get this thing produced.  Most likely to pump the sales and future production values of their product.  Whatever the motive, I’m glad they did it.  Slightly cheesy?  Sure.  Fun?  Most definitely.

I know this video has been out for quite some time.  Sue me, I just got around to seeing it.  Perhaps you haven’t seen the making of the film.  I’ve included that below.

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