Tim Burton puts his creepy touch on, the Killers, new video for “Here with Me”


Tim Burton has teamed up with The Killers once again for the band’s latest single from the album Battle Born.  “Here With Me” may at first seem like another boy falls in love with older woman, boy can’t have older woman, so boy steals wax replica of desired woman to act out his fantasies, but, Burton definitely puts his own unique twist into this tired scenario.  If you are a fan of The Killers or director Tim Burton this video will be worth your while.  Personally, I like the song and the fact of Winona Ryder being the mature love interest/mannequin makes it even better.

I think that kid has watched Beetlejuice too many times.

This is Burton’s second outing backing The Killers with his directing skills, his first music video effort being for the song “Bones” back in 2006, from the album Sam’s Town. Winona Ryder has been in three Burton films, they must have a very special chemistry.  Ryder is quoted as saying she owes her career to him.  Probably true.

Burton spoke with Rolling Stone and relayed that his inspiration for the video for “Here With Me” cameimage0031 from watching the 1935 film, Mad Love, starring Peter Lorre and directed by Karl Freund.  Mad Love revolves around the story of a doctor obsessed with an actress whose husband has his hands destroyed in a train accident.  The actress brings her husband to the doctor for help, due to his intense feelings for the woman, he agrees, performing a transplant on the man using the hands of an expert knife throwing murderer.  The nightmarish drama proceeds from there.  Critics have said the film was a great influence on Citizen Kane.

Take the Killers new album, Battle Born, for a spin on their website.  Worth a listen if you dug their previous albums.  Unfortunately, their tour has been put on hiatus due to the frontman, Brandon Flowers, coming down with laryngitis.

Thanks to Devour for tuning me onto the “Here With Me” video.

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