Trailer for The Place Beyond The Pines Starring Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

place-beyond-pines-trailerBack in 2011 Ryan Gosling did an amazing film with co star Michelle William’s and director Derek Cianfrance called Blue Valentine. It was a quiet little flick, but the emotion in it was deafening. The performances by all were Oscar worthy so I’m glad they’ve teamed up together again on The Place Beyond the Pines. Well at least Ryan and Derek, no Michelle this time, but we do have the lovely Eva Mendes who plays his estranged girlfriend and the two do appear to have a bit of a concoction on the screen.

Luke (Ryan Gosling) is a professional motorcycle rider who turns to bank robberies in order to support his newborn son. But when he crosses paths with a rookie police officer (Bradley Cooper), their violent confrontation spirals into a tense generational feud. The Place Beyond the Pines traces the intersecting lives of fathers and sons, cops and robbers, heroes and villains.

It goes without saying, after watching this trailer, that some of you will draw comparison’s to another Ryan Gosling film in which he plays a stunt car driver hired on to do work for the mafia (DRIVE) and yes I would have to agree. But this does seem to have less flash than Drive and gives the impression of coming from a more middle class vibe. I thought immediately of the Mendes/Phoenix film “We own the Night“, but maybe it’s because of Eva and the whole bound by honor northeastern police aesthetic. Whatever…the film looks good.

The Place Beyond the Pines stars Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling,Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta. It’s written by Ben Coccio and Darius Marder and directed by Derek Cianfrance. This film opens in theaters March 29, 2013.


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