The Adventures of Superhero Girl HC Collection arrives in February

superhero girl 1From Dark Horse comes the hardcover collection of Faith Erin HicksThe Adventures of Superhero Girl: 100 short scenes in the life of an ordinary girl with extraordinary powers. This book collects the entirety of the delightful webcomic from November 2010 to August 2012 (and in color too!!).

superhero girl 2The Adventures of Superhero Girl is about a girl with superpowers who is desperately trying to make a living out of fighting crime. The problem is that she has no arch-nemesis. In fact, all of the villains that inhabit her town are kind of lame. Plus, she has no costume…and no tragic superhero past. People in town don’t really take her seriously. She has no money. Can’t get a job. She lives in the shadow of her much more popular superhero brother, Kevin. Life is pretty much sucky for Superhero Girl. What she does have, however, is the determination to keep trying, because being a superhero is what she loves to do.

This is really a light-hearted and casual spin on the usual superhero plot, and it’s full of small, chuckling moments. Hicks has sprinkled a few very relevant satirical jokes throughout the book, from hipsters to Black Friday (and even a slight reference to the “all the things!” meme). Even the joke that in Canada, the supervillains are mostly benign is one that will not be lost on U.S. readers.superhero girl 3

The Adventures of Superhero Girl Hardcover Collection comes out February 27, 2013 and is available for pre-order at TFAW through the Dark Horse website.

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