Vampire Weekend, Youth Lagoon set to release new albums

Vampire Weekend

I’m very excited for this one. After a three year gab, indie pop group Vampire Weekend have given us detail on the up coming release of their 3rd studio album. It’s set to release this spring, and it comes with a more “darker” and “organic” sound. The reason for the wait comes with this quote from the band:

“If someone had put a gun to our heads a year ago we could have handed something in and it wouldn’t have sucked. But if we listen back to our own work and it doesn’t sound the way we wanted, the depression that sets in is really extreme.”

Be prepared for something very emotional, but hopefully it’ll retain the original Vampire Weekend sound.

Another artist is planning something! Youth Lagoon is coming out with a response to his critically acclaimed 2011 release, The Year of Hibernation. He announced early today on his Facebook that another album titled, Wondrous Bughouse will be out March 5th.

Watch Vampire Weekend play on Jimmy Kimmel with a new song, “Unbelievers”:

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