PUBLIC ENEMY drops new and deeply moving video “Everything”

PEP.E. just recently debuted this emotional video for “Everything” off their November 6, 2012 release “The Evil Empire of Everything” which incidentally coincided with another one of their releases “Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp“. The two go hand in hand according to Public Enemy founder and front man Chuck D, he also goes on to describe MOMHSDAONS as the fraternal twin to “The Evil Empire of Everything”. Both albums have apparently been well received. I gotta admit, I might’ve let that one slip.

This video is moving and features random images of middle class American’s going about their day to day, while lip syncing to Chucks words that preach about the excesses of life. It’s simple in it’s delivery, but hard in it’s message. Enjoy!

Official Public Enemy Website



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