Check out this short documentary, “For Amusement Only: the life and death of the American arcade”

arcade_rooms_in_the_1980sSome of you may remember video arcades and some of you won’t, but for those who do, this short is for you. The tech geek site Verge, in their endless quest to become a bit more like Vice, put out this cool documentary that talks about the rise and fall of the arcade. What they had to say isn’t all that cathartic, but it is cool seeing all the games I used to grow up with. That is all except Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace…wtf guys? Anyway, they hit a few spots around the U.S. and talked to a number of the head cats in the arcade world that are trying, like the dickens, to keep the arcade alive, but at what price and that’s what Verge does an excellent job of getting down to. Enjoy!

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