the_apocalypse_zucheroI heard about this film awhile back. It made it’s way around the festival circuits and now it’s hear. Director Andrew Zuchero isn’t on anyone’s radar yet or maybe he is, but I’m guessing after this trailer for Apocalypse starts spreading, which it already has, things are going to turn around for this lad. The trailer or should I say short starts out innocently enough, with a group of hipsters chilling in their Brooklyn brownstone bored out of their minds until one of them has an idea. From that point on it get’s fucking insane/hilarious. I don’t want to post a synopsis and ruin it for you, so I’ll just let you watch it for yourself. I can’t tell if this is all we are going to get from Andrew, but it is being described as a trailer even with a run time of 5:46.  Anyway it’s a great start to an amazing black comedy/horror. Oh these hipsters never cease to amaze me.  The Apocalypse stars Martin Starr, Ella Rae Peck, Kate Sheil, Ben Pike, Chanel Michaels, Duke Dlouhy and when they say star, they mean you saw them in it and that’s pretty much it. No release date yet for The Apocalypse. Enjoy!

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