“Moon” director Duncan Jones will direct Legendary Pictures Warcraft movie

duncan-jones-wow-filmDirector and son of legendary rocker David Bowie, Duncan Jones (MOON, Sourcecode) will be taking the helm on the Legendary Pictures adapted script Warcraft, which incidentally Sam Raimi (Spiderman) was originally attached to. Of course a million and one things could change from now til their proposed start in the fall of 2013, mainly the budget and how much it will truly take to make this film right, but I am hoping…praying actually, that they do justice to this film. We fans have made the creators of WOW, Blizzard Entertainment, a shit ton of money, so yes, giving us an excellent film would be a nice payback for our loyalty even if Blizzard is down for maintenance quite often, but I digress.

via THR

Legendary is keeping its script, written by Charles Leavitt, under wraps. The Warner Bros.-based production and finance outfit is eyeing a fall 2013 start and a 2015 release. Jones’ producing partner, Stuart Fenegan, will executive produce while Chris Metzen will co-produce for Blizzard.

I’m very curious as to how Duncan and Legendary Pictures plans to approach this film. On one side World of Warcraft-64ScreenSnapz004of the coin, you have the World of Warcraft, on the other you have the player, both interesting in their own right, but something tells me with the amount of stories floating in the WOW universe that they will probably keep it within that world and plus it’s more interesting.

I myself am grinding my Night Elf Hunter “Arezoo” to 90 in Mist of Pandaria, she’s currently 87, but she’s working her ass off. Incidentally if any of you craft out there you can find her on the server ULDAMANN. Yes that’s a picture of her…I’m like a proud father.

Finally the world will know and probably latch on like the noob leeches they are, about The World of Warcraft and then perhaps my wife won’t bust my balls as much about me questing into the wee hours of the morning if she sees what good film making WOW makes. You see honey… this shit is fun, now let me help you create a toon for the love of G-d.

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