Donnie Bell returns with an original composition


As I said months ago, I promised to keep you all up to date with Donnie Bell’s latest composition is going. The ever changing, Tacoma-based composer has released a new piece of music. I’ve always enjoyed what this original musician and artist has to release, because it feels so fresh and new even though he touches on historic sounds. Coincidently, this is exactly what Bell does here.

I’ve received an MP3 with his latest work of music. Titled Climb Aboard Longhorn, the classical piece resolves around a loner who travels home to see his love, but must overcome an impending storm. For any fans of the Wind Waker, you’ll notice a very strong connection of sailing alone on sea.

The piece begins with a diddly little hook, but slowly evolves into a tear-jerking section filled with violins following a strict chord progression. Song continues to rise and fall in a roller coaster fashion. He experiments with a little bit of percussion and blends the sound of the melody and drums like a creamy smoothie.

Although the track jumps around, it continues to hold a centre structure around one little riff. To me, it symbolizes the sailor looking forward to his arrival home. The minor keys really add to the effect of an oncoming storm. As the song progress, you hear less of the main riff, and more striking chords. The emotional change is one you can feel in your eye ducts. While the main riff is a little cheesy, the slower and steadier parts give this composition an overall boost. The whole six minutes are some of best original work I’ve heard in a long time.

I want all of you to give this track a listen. It takes a classic story and unfolds so originally right before your eyes (or ears). Donnie Bell captivates you with his music writing abilities and shows, yet again, why he is an artist to hear for whenever a track is released. He is so diverse and creative, it doesn’t surprise me he would release such an ambitious track. Only thing to mention is a little less predictability on the hook riff, and you have yourself a composer’s delight. I’ll be sure to keep track of this next artist work.

Check out the Soundcloud link here:

Be sure to check out his website here as well

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