Rewind ThisIt goes without saying that video was cool. Just point and shoot. Sure the editing of video looked bad, but nothing can take away that look and feel. It’s what cats my age grew up on. This trailer covers that history of video and where it came from, where it’s going and why it needs to be preserved. This film directed by Josh Johnson and executive produced by director Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow…amazing film by the way) originally hit the scene back in February of 2012 on Kickstarter. It managed to make it’s goal of 20k and now will be showcasing at the SXSW Film Festival in March of 2013.

Looking at the trailer, it would appear that not only will the movie talk about VHS, but it delves heavy into the quirky side of VHS which has now become the fodder for chillwave videos and sites like Everything Is Terrible, where they find the worst of the worst from our, often times, embarrassing VHS past.

Home video changed the world. The cultural and historical impact of the VHS tape was enormous. This film traces the ripples of that impact by examining the myriad aspects of society that were altered by the creation of videotape.

This film will be one for the books for lovers of nostalgia.

Rewind This Official Website

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