Nice new homage trailer for The Shining documentary Room 237 arrives…bloody

Screen-Shot-2013-02-08-at-2.32.37-PMWhat I thought was an original concept for a movie trailer turned out to be a parody of the original trailer for the film The Shining. That’s okay, being a true fan of the film it still makes me want to see this highly talked about documentary even more. Director Rodney Ascher, using original archival footage from the film, has pieced together a puzzle of sorts surrounding the symbolism in this iconic horror film. Originally premiering at Sundance and Cannes, this film has received nuff buzz and is now in the cross hairs of your narrator. I just hope all the buzz is warranted. So far, we’ve not seen any actual footage from the film, just very cool, but super ambiguous, Kubrick-esque trailers, first with sound only and now this one with visuals. Disappointing, but I must assume with all the accolades this one will be for the books.

“Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 is a fascinating documentary that explores bizarre theories about the subtext and symbolism underlying Stanley Kubrick‘s landmark film The Shining.”

Room 237 will be releasing in limited theaters and iTunes VOD starting March 29th this spring.

Official Room 237 website


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