Stream How To Destroy Angels new album Welcome Oblivion

How+to+Destroy+Angels+HTDA+PNGI’m not even two minutes into HDTA new album Welcome Oblivion and I’m already loving it much more than their self titled freshman release. The first track, which is more like an intro, Wake Up, is off the fucking hook. It’s as if they said to themselves “let’s give them more”, more meaning more danceable tracks. Who cares if you won’t be hearing these songs in any Vegas clubs, it offers a slew of really good driving music/pole dancing joints. There I said it…this album is sexy. I hope these dj’s understand the remixing potential in these tracks. Last month MITNG offered you a look at the first single/video  Ice Age of their new album. The video pretty much focuses on the lead singer and wife to band mate Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig singing til she cries to a song that sounds like it was played on a thumb drum in a cave in the rainforest. The video is edited and shot beautifully and was directed by John Hillcoat (lawless,The Road), I’ve posted the video below in case you missed it. In keeping with their spread out, but highly anticipated sophomore release, Pitchfork has thrown up a live stream of HTDA’s new album Welcome Oblivion to help promote their “expected” March 15th release…expected? That’s what it says on itunes, so who knows. Please check this shit out. This could easily be one of my favorite albums of the year, which by the way means it won’t get a Grammy, none of my favorite bands do.

Welcome Oblivion Live Stream

How To Destroy Angels Official Website


How to destroy angels_ “Ice age” (2012) from How To Destroy Angels on Vimeo.

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