Trailer for “Gimme The Loot” directed Adam Leon

6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e8c600fc970c-640wiSofia, shit, we’ll be the biggest writers in the city. They’ll make statues of us holding spray cans in Central Park…”


That quote pretty much sums up this crazy coming of age story. Set in New York, Malcolm, played by newcomer Ty Hickson and Sophia, played by the cute newcomer Tashiana Washington, are two up and coming taggers with designs on world domination or at least New York domination. It’s a film about New York in the summer, what’s not to like? Director Adam Leon delivers that feel, not uncommon, with such great flicks like Spike Lee‘s “Crooklyn or Larry Clark‘s “Kids it’s real. There’s just something about shooting in New York and another about shooting in New York in the summer…magic! This film was shown at SXSW 2012, Sundance and Cannes Film Festival and has been gaining steam ever since. Gimme The Loot will release in limited theaters on March 22nd.

Official “Gimme The Loot” Website

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