Watch this crazy trailer for Simon The Killer from director Antonio Campos

simon_killer_2From the creators of Martha Marcy May Marlene comes another unsettling movie about youths making a shit load of bad decisions. Director Antonio Campos drips with seediness in this coming of age flick about a young man in Paris with too much time on his hands. Brady Corbet (Melancholia) plays Simon a college grad killing time in Paris after a recent break up with his long time girlfriend. Trying desperately to fit into a world he doesn’t know a.k.a get laid, he meets a young prostitute played by Mati Diop (35 Shots of Rum) and let’s just say, things start going downhill from there.This bit of drama made the official selection at Sundance and the AFI Film Festival. This is one high energy trailer and compliments the story lovely.

Simon the Killer releases in theaters on April 5th and on demand April 15th.

Simon the Killer Official Website

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