Emerald City Comic Con – Day 1

ECCC - Day 1, let the fun beginAs I make the hour-long commute to Seattle, my mind begins to tangle.

“What do I do to get my badge? Will there be a huge line at registration? How do the autograph sessions work? What about the panels? How on Earth will I be able to find everything?”

These are all valid questions, I’m told, especially for a comic con virgin such as myself. So, I’ve arrived in Seattle much too early but wholly intent on getting to the bottom of it all.

As I sit in Rococo, I check the ECCC schedule over and again and make a realization. The schedule, events, guests, panels – the lot – are smaller parts of a much larger, more complex living organism. One that is constantly shifting and morphing as guests cancel and others join. Carrie Fisher is ill and can’t make it. Chandler Riggs (The Walking Dead) has also canceled.

ECCC - Day 1, let's hurry up and get in line!

Even with the perfectly serviceable mobile app developed by guidebook, there’s just no way I’m going to be able to do and see it all.  As an aside, guidebook, which is a great little app for staying on top of your schedule during the con, could be so much better if it would show you the location of your next event on the map.  I’ll go a step further – paired with google nav and step-by-step walking instructions, guidebook would be an indispensable tool for traversing the world that is the Emerald City Comic Con.

There’s so much awesome it barely fits under the roof at the Washington State Convention Center. Autograph sessions with the iconic Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), a panel with Michael Rooker from The Walking Dead, workshops on creating content for graphic novels and understanding contracts. Holy crap! That’s just day one. And did I mention DC Comics revealed some nuggets about upcoming projects and trends?

The DC: All Access panel unveiled preliminary graphics for a sequel to the popular “100 Bullets” series written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Eduardo Risso, titled “Brother Lono“.  Information is being closely guarded, but members of the panel were happy to quip, “the guy you love to hate is back.”

DC | Vertigo unveils Brother Lono

Scott Snyder was also on hand to talk briefly about his upcoming “The Wake” which is even more sci-fi and horror driven than his past work (Swamp Thing, Batman, and American Vampire).  Snyder seemed especially excited about the upcoming “The Wake” saying that it draws heavily on ocean mythology and that “it’s different from anything we’ve done before”.  “The Wake” is coming in May.

By the end of day one, there are a few certainties.  First, expect lines.  Second, wear loose, comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  Third, bring cash, folks.

Were you there today?  Show us your pictures!

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