Emerald City Comic Con – Day 2

Howard Chaykin revisits Black Kiss in sequel: Black Kiss 2

The day starts with a panel discussing the history of graphic content in comics going back to the 1920s.  Ben Saunders (author of  Do the Gods Wear Capes?) moderated the frank discussion of sex and sexuality in comics with legendary writer and artist Howard Chaykin.  Chaykin’s American Flagg is cited as an influence to the likes of Frank Miller and Alan Moore.  Chaykin, who has formally returned to the controversial sub-genre with the sequel to Black Kiss, spoke candidly about his work and his motivations for creating the crime noir, horror mash-up including a spoiler that Black Kiss 2 will have a formal “Christmas Special” issue coming this year and that it’s theme just might be about love (shhh! don’t tell!).


Saturday is unquestionably the busiest (and largest) day at the con, with artists, writers, and publishers coming out in force to promote their work.  I stopped by the Dark Horse tables to say hello and ran into award-winning Eric Powell (shown to the right), who was graciously signing copies of The Goon #40.

The folks at Dark Horse always do it up right, offering freebies and giveaways galore to their fans and the curious alike.  But, of course, the big news from the con is that Dark Horse is planning on an ongoing series for Mass Effect.  Dark Horse promises it’s going to be huge – look for it in late July.


In between panels with Walter Koenig and Gillian Anderson, I check out the booth for Archaia who is bringing out HAWKEN: Genesis in a major way at the con.  Offering limited, advance copies of the hard cover graphic novel (based on the crazy popular online F2P game: Hawken), the crowd at the con were eating it up.

Despite the disappointing lack of information on any potential game-changing twists coming our way in DC’s The New 52: Batwoman series, DC did make another exciting announcement today.  Pandora, the woman responsible for, well, almost everything that’s wrong in the DC Universe, is going to have her own series.  Written by Ray Fawkes, Pandora has spent millennia wandering around in tears and lamentation.  All that’s left is that she’s really, really angry.  Fawkes ensures us that there will be a lot of characters crossing over from The New 52 and that no one will be spared Pandora’s anger.

“She will not stop, bow, or bend…”  Look for “Trinity of Sin: Pandora” on the shelves this June.

DC also announced today that Nightwing will be leaving Gotham City and moving to (…wait for it…) Chicago?  Yes, that’s right, he’s moving to Chicago as DC looks to expand the DC Universe beyond Gotham.  We’re talking serious mythology and world-building here.

Writer Gail Simone (Batgirl) was also on hand to talk about The Movement, a completely new DC offering featuring a group of disadvantaged street youths who, pissed off at the state of the world around them, decide to  take matters into their own hands.  Gail said “It’s a very global book, it has as much diversity as you can possibly squeeze into a comic of any kind.”  Freddie Williams II is doing the art and has designed the characters set to appear.  Look for it in May!

Last, but not least, for fans of The X-Files, Gillian Anderson has confirmed in a panel today that Chris Carter is actively working on a script for another feature film and that she is, indeed, returning to American television this fall.  Having already filmed a pilot for a new series on NBC (a Fox/NBC joint production), Anderson will be appearing in several episodes of NBC’s “Hannibal” set to air later this Spring.

Gillian Anderson: The Truth is in Here panel, ECCC 2013

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