Emerald City Comic Con – Day 3

Dark Horse's The Massive

Garry Brown and Brian Wood of Dark Horse's The Massive at ECCC 2013
Garry Brown and Brian Wood of Dark Horse’s The Massive at ECCC 2013

By the time Sunday rolls around, if anything, the momentum at the con has picked up, not decreased, especially on the artist’s floor where content creators are assembled en masse.  The vibe on the floor is celebratory, energetic.  The lines to collect autographs from artists at Image, Dark Horse, DC and others are already formed just a few short minutes after the doors have opened.

I swing by to say hi to Brian Wood and Garry Brown, writer and artist (respectively) of Dark Horse’s The Massive, who were on hand to generously supply smiles, autographs, and free limited edition prints of art from The Massive.  And yeah, of course I snagged myself a handful of all of that.  Who wouldn’t?

With still a little more than half an hour before my first panel is set to begin, I wander through the crowds and finally find myself at the LGBT kiosk where writer Alex Woolfson was on hand to talk about his sci-fi graphic novel, Artifice.  I grilled Alex a bit in the spirit of the last day of the con and asked him playfully to give me the “elevator pitch” for his story.  Synthetic humans?  Off-world romance?  Corrupt corporations?  I have to tell you, I was sold 5 seconds in.  The level of storytelling is thought provoking and engaging.  I couldn’t put it down.

Alex Woolfson's Artifice
A panel from Alex Woolfson’s graphic novel: Artifice. Illustrations by Winona Nelson

One of the great experiences I’ve had as a comic con newb is being able to get up face-to-face with the content creators responsible for some of the most exciting, cutting edge work on the market.  The level of accessibility the con affords you is almost ridiculous.  I encourage you to take advantage of it.  Almost everyone you’ll talk to at the con is as excited to be there as you are.

The big draw on the final day of the con are panels that will discuss how creators currently working in the field (and those looking to break in) can include more diversity in their respective mediums.

In the “Women in Webseries” panel, creators of JourneyQuest, Clockwork Infinity, Geek Seekers, Chop Socky Boom!, and Standard Action convened to discuss the freedom of the format, how their shows originated, and their future plans.

What’s exciting about the webseries medium is how, as mentioned by Darlene Sellers (Chop Socky Boom!) “it opens up the storytelling world to everyone.”

The webseries format has gained significant traction over the last few years, and if you’re unfamiliar with one (or all) of the titles I mention, I encourage you to check them out.  All are free to watch online.  If you’re interested in getting involved locally,  Washington Filmworks is committed to providing funding assistance to filmmakers utilizing technology to get their stories out there.  Check out their site for more information on tapping into this great resource: Innovation Lab.

Women in Webseries Panel: (L-R) Elizabeth Heile, Jen Page, Darlene Sellers, Trin Miller, Joanna Gaskell

If you’d like to check out archived video streams of ECCC 2013, you can purchase an all-inclusive, forever pass from flipon.tv

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