New banner for the “300” sequel “300: Rise of an Empire” arrives


First things fucking last…I just visited the official Facebook page for this movie and it has ten million “likes”! Um…ten million?! I think somebody outsourced a little help. That somebody being Warner Brothers and that “help” being a random building in S. America. Okay, enough already, let’s talk about this film. Frank Miller’s “300” was a huge success back on 2007, thanks in part to Zack Snyder’s direction and the digital team at, the now Ubisoft owned, Hybride Digital. It did so well that Frank was virtually begging Zack to do a follow up, but at the time no one knew what that would be. Then in 2010-2011 word leaked that Frank wanted to do a story that centered around the character Xerces, from the first film, played by Rodrigo Santoro .

 Frank had even written a few drafts of Xerces to wet Zack Snyder’s appetite, but Snyder wasn’t biting, plus he was busy with Guardian’s of Gahool and Sucker Punch (both of which sucked)…get it? Sucker? Sucked? Now it’s 2013 and it seems that Frank was able to bribe, I mean, talk a director into doing another 300 style film and according to sources, this one will indeed loosely center around the character Xerces. Why? No fucking clue, wasn’t Xerces the bad guy? What are we going to find out, that he was abused as a child and that’s what made him do what he did? What could they possibly do to make centering it, even slightly, around Xerces appealing and get a load of who Frank got to bring this Frankenstein’s monster to life…Noam Murro (Smart People). Noam Murro? I almost want to fucking laugh, but I wont. What is happening here? Is this legit or a joke? Is this really slated for the big screen or DVD? Where’s a fucking trailer? Does their FB page really have ten million “likes” and last, but not least, how many more question marks can I fit into this post?  Something doesn’t smell right about this. Course the trailer could arrive and it looks great, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s what I have to say about all this, if they wanted to do a film loosely based on the story of the Persain War, one needn’t look far for amazing material. There’s one book out there that’s prime for the picking and contains some, amazing  scenes. It’s called Marathon written by screenwriter Boaz Yakin and illustrated by Joe Infurnari. It’s an intensely written and drawn book that’s a prequel to 300. No, not 300 the film, but 300 a.k.a The Battle of Thermopylae. Don’t believe me, just read this synopsis.

It was a turning point in ancient history. It inspires men to greatness. It was the foundation of one of the greatest and most prevailing global peace efforts of the 20th century. It was the greatest feat—and the tragic death—of a man whose legacy will never be forgotten. In 490BC, an Athenian messenger named Eucles ran 153 miles from Sparta to Athens, and in so doing preserved ancient Greek civilization from subjugation to the Persian Empire. This graphic novel from screenwriter Boaz Yakin and artist Joe Infurnari tells his story. If that treatment didn’t want to make you go out and pick up this book…you’re dead to me.

300: The Rise of an Empire stars Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro, Mark Killeen,  Jack O’ Connnell and Sullivan Stapleton and releases in theaters August 2nd 2013.

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