Trailer for Snoop Dog documentary “Reincarnated” arrives


Well this is new, not like I’ve been standing around wondering what the fuck Snoop‘s been up to, but yeah…what the fuck has Snoop been up to? Well apparently this.  Vice in cooperation with Mad Decent Records ,has released this shiny trailer for “Reincarnated” which chronicles Snoop’s journey to Jah to find himself. It’s got a bit of everything for all you who’ve grown up with Snoop. In the trailer he talks about the early years with Death Row and then coming to the realization that life can’t be about all that. The trailer also shows him in the studio with super producer Diplo working on, that’s right, reggae tracks. I’ll be honest, I’m not as excited about this documentary as I am just to hear the music.

(Just visited the Itunes Page for the single “Here comes the king” off the soundtrack)

It’s alright, gonna need to hear more. Honestly it sounds like the new No Doubt album (also produced by Diplo). So is Snoop really trying to walk the path of the righteous or just needs another hit and believes that producer Diplo shits platinum? I think it could be a little of both. Just listening to the single, it doesn’t appear to be that far outside of a reggae album that Snoop might’ve featured on anyway…so there’s that.

Reincarnated hits theaters MARCH 15, 2013

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