Danny Boyle wants to move forward with “Trainspotting 2” and release it in 2016


Can you believe it’s been 16 years since Danny Boyle jumped on the scene with his ode to Scotland‘s crazy youth “Trainspotting“? Man I am getting old. That movie was a chromosome changer, in that I had never seen anything like it before. A dirty drug opera filled with a host of tremendously talented protagonist, that left me feeling like I had taken a glimpse inside something completely new, but a sequel?  It’s not the first movie that comes to mind when I think of sequels I’d like to see, mainly because, it just didn’t warrant it. It’s execution was so flawless, that even hinting toward the idea of a sequel, gives me a knee jerk reaction. Normally, I would be pissed at this notion, but according to NME.com, a book has existed by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, that’s essentially the sequel and one that Danny Boyle has been itching to tackle for some time.

The Following comes Via@ NME.COM
The director is aiming to have Trainspotting 2 ready for 2016: exactly 20 years since the release of his classic black comedy starring Ewan McGregor, which was adapted from the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh.

Speaking to The Playlist at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, Boyle said the sequel is “very loosely based” on Porno, Welsh’s own sequel to Trainspotting, and confirmed that original Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge is working on the script.

Boyle explained: “This has been a long time coming. There’s always been this long term plan for Trainspotting 2: if John can produce a decent enough script, I don’t think there will be any barriers to Ewan or any of the cast coming back. I think they’ll wanna know that the parts are good so they don’t feel like they are letting anyone Trainspotting_000down.”

Asked about a time frame for the project, Boyle replied: “Well, the ideal time would be Porno in 2016. Because it was 1996 when Trainspotting came out. 20 years, it’s like wow, where did that go.”

Discussing his motivations for revisiting the film, Boyle said: “The reason for doing it again is that people cherish the original, people remember it or have caught up with it if they never saw because they were younger. So you want to make sure you don’t disappoint people. That will be the only criteria I think.” 

Speaking earlier this year, Ewan McGregor hinted that he is coming round to the idea of a Trainspotting sequel. He told The Daily Record in January: “I know in the past I always said I wouldn’t do anything that would damage the reputation of the movie Trainspotting because I wouldn’t want to do a poor sequel, but at the same time, I would always read it if I was sent it. I was never in the position where they’ve asked me to do it.”

I’m of the opinion that whether this happens or not, Danny Boyle wont give us something that isn’t worth seeing. Not like any of us were lying awake at night saying to ourselves “this needs to happen”, but admit it, if you were a fan of the first film, there’s apart you that is curious as to how this would all play out. I know I am.

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