Outstanding zombie kills in this Walking Dead Season 3 VFX Reel


Can I still be a fan of this series even though I haven’t seen season three yet? I think I’m more amped seeing this amazing “behind the scenes” footage, then most of you will be cause you’ve already seen it. That being said, I’m kinda posting this for myself, in a strange attempt to place the proverbial fire under my ass to watch this somehow someway. In the meantime, check out this demo reel from Stargate Studios, the folks responsible for all those ground breaking kills on The Walking Dead. This video is an astounding example of how far the effects on television shows have come. There used to be a time when studios didn’t even try, but now,not only do they try, they are setting the bar in a lot of cases. I’m rambling…enjoy the video!

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

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