MITNG reviews Brian K.Vaughn and Fiona Staples SAGA #7


Man, leave it to the in-laws to go and muck up a perfect getaway vacation. Okay, so maybe it’s not a trip to Fiji, but it is some place our heroes, Marko and Alana, can go where there isn’t a war going on. Their plans to “leave it all behind” are thwarted when Marko’s parents arrive, by way of magic, on their ship, and not only throw a major wrench in their plans, but they annihilate their disembodied baby sitter Izabel in the process…damn. Things are really getting buck in issue #7 of the Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples classic… SAGA.

I don’t know how Brian manages to bring that uncanny human element to characters who are larger than life, but he does. After reading the SAGA trade 1-6 last year, I couldn’t wait for this new series to begin. Saga #7 is as controlled and as chocked full of character driven plots as ever. The thread of love is constantly weaving it’s strange web throughout this trippy story of inter-galatic war and the effect is wide spread. Something tells me the universe wants these two to succeed in raising this family, but there are so many forces at work against them. Forces that sooner or later will ask the star-crossed lovers the question of all questions “is our love worth all this?”.

Issues 7-12 are out now, but I’m just a little slow getting to them, so this write up is more or less for those of you who have no idea what SAGA is. It’s complicated, as is all love stories, but I hope I was able to enlighten you, at least about issue #7.

SAGA Website

Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war.



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