The Secret Life of Heroes by illustrator Gregoire Guillemin

wonder woman

These groundbreaking images of heroes doing the mundane came to us via Juxatapose magazine and boy are we ever thankful. Illustrator Gregoire Guillemin drinks from the 1960’s pop artist Roy Lichtenstein cup, in this hilarious group of images of famous super heroes engaged in some not so superhuman behavior. It’s not like comic book illustrators haven’t been trying to break the third wall for years, but it’s always been “the comic book” that made most feel you weren’t really seeing anything they didn’t want you to. What Gregoire Guillemin has done is completely taken them out of their environment, by doing these extreme closeup images, so you don’t see the Batcave or The Invisible Plane, but instead you just see them, chowing on a donut, disrobing, taking a dump or rolling a cigarette. This is classic pulp and a wonderful spin on fan art!

Gregoire Guillemin’s images are available for purchase HERE.


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