If one things for sure, it’s that this is definitely not what Cave In sounds like. The Boston post-hardcore band’s front man, Stephan Brodsky has a new EP coming out on April 16th on Little Black Cloud, and it is killer good. Hit or Mystery has this psychedelic-folk atmosphere, but it’s not the kind that comes to mind. This isn’t 60’s hippy music, but a push forward in the folk genre itself. The 8-song EP contains a handful of great tracks, but the real winner is the entire layout of the set list.

The transitions from the middle songs, “Days of Heaven”, to the surprise song, “Real Surreal Beauty”, gave me chills. There’s great lyricism (especially on the opener), great jams (“Your Sweet Love”), and a hint of cozy winter goodness on the track, “Thing In The Spring”. The EP jumps from song to song on fluently, giving me the guess that this isn’t a one time idea, but possibly the next trick up the front man’s sleeve. I can’t wait to see what’s next in Brodsky’s arsenal.

You can stream the entire EP here via Stereogum’s Soundcloud: http://snd.sc/ZhkIvs