Jai Paul’s album is available for download

jai Paul
I have this thing about music, when I hear something that sounds like something I’ve heard before, I tend to switch off. I don’t know if whether this process has worked to my benefit or has unintentionally cut me off from a slew of good music, but it’s been how I’ve been doing it for years. I’m of the opinion that if the universe wants me to really find out about this group, well then, at some point, it will. That being said, it’s on rare occasion that I listen to something that I think I’ve heard before all the way through, but in my defense it’s Sunday and I’m feeling a bit lazy.

So along comes producer/vocalist Jai Paul from the U.K. with his new self titled album. I guess it’s one thing if you rip, but totally another is you keep it original and take your sound onto interesting paths that won’t pigeon-hole you, but allows for some very unique aural vibes and this is precisely what Jai Paul is doing.

Those of you familiar with Chillwave groups like Teen Daze or Baths will recognize Jai Paul’s vibes, but what’s really interesting is he blends in some high falsettos like Lykkie Li and wobble grinds like one of my favorite artist Hudson Mohawk. It’s a good wave to be riding on right now with artist like James Blake, Autre Ne Veut and Active Child gaining more and more steam on the electronica/dance scene. Jai Paul is going to fit in just like one of those pegs on those wooden triangles you get at Ihop.


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