Checkout Thunder Cat’s latest track Heartbreaks + Setbacks


This is down right delectable and catchy as all hell. The name Stephen Bruner a.k.a Thundercat, may not mean a whole lot to you know and if it doesn’t, you should be kicking yourself (myself included) cause this “cat” has achieved more than what most musicians can in a lifetime. At 28, this multi-talented bassist/producer/singer has worked with the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Erykah Badu and of course the band that has had a huge light shone on them in the last ten years, Flying Lotus.

Taken from Guillaum Gedron

Stephen Bruner’s dad is a world-class drummer (Ronald Bruner Sr. laid down the groove for Diana Ross, The Temptations and Gladys Knight among others) and so is his brother, jazz sensation Ron Bruner Jr., who received his first Grammy Award last year just aged 26 for his drumming on Stanley Clarke’s latest album. At home, mom played the flute, the youngest brother piano, grandma the organ and grandpa the guitar. “There was always music in the house” Ron recalls, and at weekends, the sons would follow their father to the wedding gigs he was playing with their uncle. As a result, both kids were extremely precocious (Ron started drumming at the tender age of 2, Steve followed on bass at 4), gifted with perfect pitch and the ideal context to refine their superhuman playing abilities, developing a fraternal symbiosis as a rhythm section.

Good Lord, this guy’s rock royalty. Thundercat’s latest Heartbreaks + Setbacks is the first single off his new album Apocalypse, being distributed on his label Brainfeeder on July 9th 2013. The track, in a word, effortless…it’s been awhile since I’ve heard something this easy to listen to and with outstanding production quality. The lush synth’s are hypnotic and could easily crossover from lounge club to a beautiful day at the beach and Stephen bass is hauntingly plush and sexy as ever.  Yeah, I smell summer on this one! The track was co written by one of Steve’s good friends and label-mates Flying Lotus.  Listening to it I can definitely hear FL’s influences especially on the beat that is tighter than tight. I look forward very much to listening to more of what this super-talented dude has in store.

Brainfeeder Website

Thundercat on Tumblr

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