BOARDS OF CANADA could be releasing an album or resetting the Swan station


Boards of Canada is one of my all time favorite electronica bands. When I was first introduced to their music in New York, I was hard-wired into their groove. It was like all my daydreams had a soundtrack now and I’ve been a die hard fan ever since, but one thing about the group is that they take their time on albums. It’s never less than ten years between most of their endeavors, at least with their latest works, I mean the picture they have on their home site has been the same for the last ten…at least. Who knows why they do it this way or if they work at a pub in Scotland when their not creating music, but what I know is that it’s always worth the wait.

News came down through the blogesphere earlier this week that clues to a potential B.O.C release were floating around. Me, being the skeptic, immediately dismissed it as false, but today I was on one of my favorite music sites Pitchfork and learned that indeed there is something to this rumor. This all came about when a lucky patron came across a mysterious B.o.C 12″ vinyl, during Record Store Day on April 20, 2013. Pitchfork did some research and contacted Warp Records and found out that it was legit, not only that, but one other record was found at Other Music in New York and it too was confirmed to be real. “What’s this all about?” you might ask. Well you’d think it would’ve been as easy as just putting the needle on the record and listening, but no…it get’s stranger.

The following comes via Pitchfork

The cover of the 12″ features this text: “—— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——“. This led Reddit users to speculate that this was one of six releases which, when combined, would solve some sort of puzzle (or complete the sound clip– the snippet is bookended by empty space). The snippet from the release in the video below features the numbers “9-3-6-5-5-7” recited in a robotic voice.

Don’t worry guys I’ve got your back and posted a the youtube of what was on the album. It is wild, but nothing I wouldn’t expect for the clandestine duo. These two are regular Howard Hughes‘s when it comes to their privacy so doing something like this does fall in-line with their method, but then it gets weirder and more exciting, as folks like me begin to wonder how much money they’ve spent on this promotion.

It looks like two more Boards of Canada clips from their extremely limited batch of mysterious Record Store Day releases have surfaced. This time, they were aired on different radio shows. Zane Lowe played the above snippet during his BBC Radio 1 show (via FACT). It features the numbers “5-1-9-2-2-5”. Meanwhile, the NPR show “All Songs Considered” ended their show with “a mystery”. It’s another clip, this one featuring the numbers “6-9-9-7-4-2”. But what does it all mean?

So far, four sets of numbers have appeared– the two sets above, plus “7-1-7-2-2-8” and “9-3-6-5-5-7”. One copy was found in New York’s Other Music, and the other was found in London’s Rough Trade East.

Well, it’s clear to me they are releasing an album, but when? I don’t have the time or inclination to look into these numbers, but perhaps someone should go to the SWAN station and type them “the fuck” in, cause a brotha needs to know now. All I gotta say is, I hope the cats who have the records will at least get a signed copy of B.o.C’s latest, cause it’s because of them that news of a new album by B.O.C has gone viral. Nuff Respek!!

Boards of Canada Official Website

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