Listen to three amazing tracks off The Great Gatsby album


How do these guys expect to sell this soundtrack with all these previews? Who cares right? There is some immense tracks coming from the Luhrman/Jay Camp. I posted the new one from Florence and The Machine awhile back, which by the way I told you wouldn’t be exclusive for long and now I got that bitch off soundcloud…silly marketing. Anyway, here are two new ones from Lana Del Rey and electronica group Nero and they are equally as bad ass. The hype machine is working overtime to make sure this movie breaks box office records on opening night and if my willingness to see this film is any example of it’s marketing success, this one’s going to be stellar. I’m still wondering why Adele is not on this soundtrack, her soothing voice would set the scene for some heavy scenes…frustrating.

The Great Gatsby stars Leonardo DiCprio,Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, Adelaide Clemens, and Jason Clarke. The Great Gatsby opens in 3D on May 10th.




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