Panda Bear aka Noah Lennox of Animal Collective talks about working with Daft Punk


I’m baffled by the humility exhibited by one of my favorite musicians Panda Bear, in this video where he talks about his recent collaboration with Daft Punk. It’s an interesting idea and quite frankly a little self gratifying to have all these uber-talented musicians, most of which are more talented than Daft Punk will ever be, talking about how amazing it was to work with the French electronic duo on this new album. I think this is video number three or four, of the collaborators series and I’ve had my fill. In this one, Noah Lennox (Animal Collective, Panda Bear), is going on about how he used to submit tracks to Daft Punk back in the days in hopes they would remix it and was told by Daft Punk, not once, but twice, we don’t do that kind of thing. Fast forward a few years and Daft Punk seeks out Noah to basically throw him a bone for his years of tireless effort. WTF? I swear when your watching this confessional, you’d think he’s being held by gun point and that at any minute someones going to come along and cut off his head. Come to think, a lot of the videos in this series are like this. Look, I get Daft Punk is talented and all, but what are they really talented at? Putting really catchy samples together? None of their hit songs have been originals and yet so much hype is being made out of this new album. Do they have that much pull in the industry? Apparently so, what really sucks is that what I’ve heard so far hasn’t been all that good. In my opinion Noah Lennox is more original and more talented than Daft Punk will ever be. Noah has created worlds using far less tech than what Daft Punk has used and has gained more knowledge in the process thus equipping him with skills in both the organic and inorganic sides of music making. The labels idea to put out this series of confessions was a bad idea when you think about the real contributions most of the musicians their working with have made on music history. I’m of the opinion that they need to stop this now and release this album before more cats like me start getting a bad taste in their mouths, but it may already be too late. If I have to watch another musician I love and respect prostrate himself before these guys, I may have to burn something.

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