Short film ABE is creepy and fascinating


Remember when Commander Data got that emotion chip in Star Trek: The Next Generation? Well imagine if Data got that chip, but it was crafted by Dexter voila you have this homicidal robot Abe. Oh, he just wants to be loved, but when it’s not reciprocated, he’ll will fix you, he’ll fix you dead. Abe is the brainchild of Writer/Director – Rob McLellan and stars Sam Hoare and Claire Huskisson


What started as a short film entry ‘Love… and all that’ into the Colchester 48 Hour Film Challenge (watch here) and evolved into an idea for a live action film. The short film is just the beginning of, what will evolve into, a much larger project. ABE was produced by Zero-G Productions, written/directed by McLellan, with a story by McLellan and Sven Hornsey.

Surprisingly it’s not over the top, but what they lack in blood and guts, they more than made up for in patience and dialogue. They kind of savored the moment, like any serial killer would do. Despite what you know is about to happen, you still want to hear Abe’s story and it actually makes sense. Well, makes sense for someone whose insane. It’s going to be real interesting seeing where this goes.

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ABE from Rob McLellan on Vimeo.



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