Someone was going to have to do it and they have. Like a mash up of MST3000 and Flight of the Conchords, comes The History of Future Folk, a cute tale of two ambassadors from the planet Hondo who on a recent trip to Earth stumble upon our music and from that point on dedicate themselves to rocking Earthlings. Sounds crazy original and completely hip!! Yay!!

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The citizens of the planet Hondo have sent General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire) to find a new home on Earth and wipe out the current inhabitants in the process. But when he lands on Earth, he’s entranced by a strange and mystical human invention: music. He abandons his mission, starts a family, and launches a bluegrass act in a tiny Brooklyn bar, later joined by a bumbling assassin named Kevin (Jay Klaitz) who was supposed to get the mission back on track. Now Hondo is still coming for Earth, and only Future Folk can save us. J. Anderson Mitchell & Jeremy Kipp Walker direct The History of Future Folk in limited theaters May 31st.