A Mister Rogers biopic is in the works


Mr. Rogers is probably on of the most iconic figures of  Americana that has ever existed. His commitment to happiness was a welcome sight to millions of his young viewers and despite all the puppets, in the shows “Land of Make Believe”, being the creepiest things you’ve ever laid eyes on, they were characters you’d later grow to love or think about when you needed to go to that “happy place”.

It’s been ten years since Fred Rogers passed away and though his passing didn’t hit me as hard as Jim Henson’s , there’s still part of me that wishes to take that lovable and sometimes feisty trolly, back to where accordion playing lesbians, like Lady Elaine, live in carousels and owls live in clocks. Well, we may get that chance if Alexis Jolly, a writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show has anything to do with it. Wait…lesbians, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lady Elaine…the gay apocalypse is upon us! Find refuge and sacrifices!!

The following comes via Collider.com

The spec was recently picked up by Justin Nappi and Kevin Turen’s Treehouse Pictures but no story details are available.

Deadline reported on the sale of Jolly’s script.  Here’s what Nappi had to say about the project:mister-rogers-neighborhood

“Fred Rogers was such an inspirational man for so many people. His keen ability to find the good in anyone, or anything, will make for a truly inspiring cinematic experience. In literally shaping the world around him to fit into his own unique perspective, he created what is arguably the most influential American children’s television show of all time.”


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