Tame Impala covers OutKast


I had to share this video I saw on Stereogum this morning. It’s of the Australian band Tame Impala doing a cover from Outkasts’s 2004 release Speakerboxx. The song is “Protoype” which describes Andre 3000‘s relationship with a woman that is so dope, he considers her the predecessor for all women hence “The Prototype”. The broadcast was on the popular Australian radio show Triple J’s-Like A Version series. Tame Impala‘s psychedelic sound lends itself surprisingly well to the track. Vocalist Kevin Parker plays it down while giving into the groove as does the band. That’s usually never the case when groups do cover songs. The tendency in the past seems to always be “push”, but how do you push something that is already brilliant? You don’t, you lend what little you can to what’s laid out and you see what happens and that’s precisely what Tame Impala did and the execution was flawless.

Published by Jeffrey Lamar

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