Go big or go extinct.

We here at MITNG continue our fever-pitch of excitement over the upcoming Guillermo del Toro sci-fi project, Pacific Rim.  With a Summer release date still months away, we’re always looking for ways to creatively (and sometimes productively) pass the time.  

We recently caught wind of a site with some pretty sweet looking media tie-ins to the film: Pan Pacific Defense.  Hurry over and get your geek on!

While you’re there, you can start your Pan Pacific Defense Corps application to join the fight, view crisis maps, and unlock interactive behind the scenes content.  The application process has been thoroughly gamified, meaning it’s fun, people!  The “application” is a series of 10 questions, try to do them as fast as you can, take a screen cap of your results and send them to us!

In the spirit of total and utter geekiness, here’s (one of) mine:


As you progress, you’ll be given access to unique (and gorgeously shiny) concept and production art from Pacific Rim.  What’s not to love?