Underground Mondays: Love Or The Bomb – When Summer Comes EP

I don’t know about you all out there, but it’s heating up very fast and it’s only May. As nature plays out, August is where the real heat comes in, and that’s a scary thought. To prepare for the scorching heat and never ending topic of global warming, I bring you the Montreal-based indie rock band, Love Or The Bomb. Their appropriately titled EP, When Summer Comes, is a collection of three tracks that should be in your mix for those summer outings. Any fans of Tokyo Police Club or Oh No! Yoko should continue reading.

As the duo of Eddy Franco and Adrian Solarino prepare for their debut LP, they’ve been playing local shows around the city impressing many of the audience that has had the chance to see them. They played under the name of “The Hawks” before, and even opened for bands like The Front Bottoms, who I adore. When I first turned on their EP, I was excited to hear an almost lo-fi atmosphere to their rock sound. They’ve described themselves as a “no-nonsense” type, and I can picture that with listening to their music. They definitely come across as cool, and every music junkie would approve of the duo’s style and sound. “When Summer Comes” has a unique tone to it. It’s easily my favourite, and it’s their heaviest with the hard hitting guitar tone. I do like the garage rock sound, as the fuzziness resonates a Ty-Segal sound. The chorus is very catchy, and the vocal range of Franco is impressive. Their cheesy lyrics totally fit the Joy Division influenced riffs.

The second track, “Real Sin”, has quite the dynamic shift from the previous track. It’s a fresh change, and the duo really bring their game for this song. It has that tone to it that fits the ability to be played on radio, as it would get anybody moving to the steady beat. Adrian Solarino is a talented drummer, and he keeps the duo in line for all three tracks that are showcased here. I would comment that I’d want to hear more from him. He should be a main focus for listeners, and add more of his spin to these dance-tastic tracks. The final track to present from this wonderful EP is “Gossip”. Although it is slower, this track shows how diverse of a duo these members are. They can rock out to a gritty garage rock track, kill it on an indie track, then finish off with an amazing ballad. “Gossip” clicked on a first listen. The atmosphere is beautiful, and the song builds to a great climax with a chunky solo section. The band hits a home-run with this song

Love Or The Bomb has that “it” sound to them. They know what they want and they understand what listeners need. They bring to the table a collection of diverse tracks to showcase their limelight of talent that both members have. With an EP that has this type of potential to bring to a full length debut, prepare yourself for a great indie rock release that will blow you away. I’m definitely looking forward to this album as I’ve very much enjoyed hearing the beauty of Love Or The Bomb. The essence of these weekly Underground Monday posts is that I get to find these amazing bands and bring them into the light. Love Or The Bomb is another prime example.


Be sure to check out their Bandcamp here

Also, check out the video for their wicked track, “When Summer Comes”:

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