Arizona’s own neo-folk prodigy Stephen Steinbrink keeps on reeling


Article written by : DOUG BOLLIG

Arizona native Stephen Steinbrink is one of my favorite lesser known artists. Some relate him to Elliot Smith , but I think it goes far beyond that. Steinbrink’s use of harmony floats you through his lyrics and as they are absorbed there is a feeling of something deep and meaningful. His live performance is just the same. When I first saw Steinbrink play, it was in a quaint little Phoenix venue called “The Trunkspace” in the early 2000’s. He went by French Quarter and played his set on the floor with his guitar and his audience in a circle. The circle wasn’t around him though, he was part of the circle, making everyone feel even more a part of the entire experience. I was struck by the beauty of his music and it has stayed with me ever since. Steinbrink has put out six albums which are all available on bandcamp. It’s great to venture through each album sequentially and listen to his sound change. His first album called “French Quarter” has a very low-fi feeling to it… as if Phil Elvrum and Elliot Smith had a lovechild. As you listen on further into his newer albums his songwriting becomes more upbeat and poppy. His latest album “I Drew A Picture” reminds me a lot of the band “Of Montreal” with a somewhat folkey touch. You won’t find a song of Stephens that doesn’t catch you in some way. That is just the nature of his captivating lyrics and melodies. Another amazing thing about Stephen Steinbrink is his ability to create such work without an expensive recording studio. Most of the songs on his albums are home recordings where he plays most of the instruments himself. Stephen Steinbrink is a great find for any lover of Pop and Folk Music. Do yourself a favor and let his lovely sounds occupy your cochlea.



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Article written by : DOUG BOLLIG


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