Watch David Bowie’s Satanic video for The Next Day starring Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman

David Bowie

There are a few certainties in life, one of them is if you put out a music video that mocks the  Catholic or Islam religion “They Will Come”, but can the recent downplay of this controversial mess of a video, be a sign of the public’s saturation point of what used to be so taboo? I guess it doesn’t matter cause at the end of the day you can always pay someone to make it pretty, no matter what the subject.  Case in point, this new video for David Bowie‘s second single “The Next Day”. I don’t know how this video relates to the song, but it’s always cool to see the level of commitment by great actors. All I kept imagining while watching this video is the director pitching the idea to Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard and David sitting in  a dark corner of the room just behind the director Floria Sigismondi , who incidentally directed “The Stars are Out Tonight” video for Bowie as well, and patiently awaiting their response.

For most, this is a no brainer, David and Gary both worked together on the film Basquiate and Marion and Gary both worked on The Dark Knight Rises, so it goes without saying that everyone had each others back and the end result is the magic that ensued on the set that day. Visceral, symbolic and yes hard to look at sometimes, this video is pure Bowie…enigmatic, controversial and even funny at times. Enjoy!

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