Synth duo “Math The Band” is high energy rock


At first Math The Band was just a Westford, Massachusetts kid named Kevin Steinhauser screwing around on his computer making funny songs on a program called Fruity Loops or FL Studio. I only discovered him because at the same time I was doing the same thing in a joke band called Laptop Revolution. The amazing thing is that his music never stopped growing. He experimented on new ways to record sounds and create songs and got real freaking good at it too. He graduated from pressing play on a laptop at his live shows to adding live guitar, drums, and keyboard. The songs he creates are beyond energetic but it is nothing compared to his live stage presence. As Math The Band grew it also picked up a second member Justine Mainville. Together their energy would reach ludicrous levels that would launch them into the present where a tour with Andrew W.K. is warn like a black belt in what is the karate of electronic “party” music.

I would describe Math The Band’s sound as a super happy and quirky version of Bomb the Music Industry!. As their website states they use “vintage synthesizers, drum machines, hand made electronics, broken guitars, video-game systems and broken drums to make loud, fast, weird music”. If that doesn’t explain it well enough maybe these music videos will help…

Kevin and Justine are on tour this summer and if they come to your town I would recommend going and getting your face melted by the radical live show they put on. OR melt your face at home by streaming their tunes from as well as watch the rest of their plethora of music videos.


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