PTAMondoArtseries-Boogienightsbig I’m digging  this series of Mondo Posters inspired by P.T. Anderson’s films. Each one does an excellent job of harnessing each films overall look, especially the Boogie Nights one, done in almost a Robert Crumb fashion. The others feature movies such as Hard Eight, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love and There Will Be Blood (done impeccably like an actual oil bond). These amazing pieces are curated entirely by one of Mondo’s own and highly respected artists Aaron Horkey.

Hard Eight, 18″x24″, by Rich Kelly. On sale Tuesday, May 14th for $40.

Boogie Nights, 24″x36″, by Rockin’ Jelly Bean. On sale Wednesday, May 15th for $50.

Magnolia, 24″x36″, by Joao Raus. On sale Thursday, May 16th for $45.

Punch Drunk Love, 18″x24″, by Jordan Crane. On sale Thursday, May 16th for $40.

There Will Be Blood (+ Variant), 18.25″x39″, by Aaron Horkey. On sale Friday, May 17th for $40.

Checkout these and more cool Mondo Art at their website