Cooler heads can’t prevail in this hilarious video that begs the question “Who decides who’s going to be the head?”. Brooklyn based via San Francisco, Nerd Core hip hop artist MC Frontalot has added a new classic to his geek-tastic repertoire and it’s outstanding! To be honest, this is the first time I’ve even hearing about Nerd Core Hip Hop let alone MC Frontalot, one might even say that I’m “Fronting-a- lot”, but what I’m hearing I like.


For the first time ever we are actually getting a glimpse into what it might be like to have to decide who’s going to be the head of a robot composed of six parts. When you really think about it, who would ever want to be a leg or a stomach? This scenario makes plenty of sense and I’m glad someone thought of doing a song about it. I wonder if MC Frontalot takes request because another question that’s been burning my dome is if crew members aboard the Enterprise needs a teleporter to beam to a planet wouldn’t they need a teleporter to receive them? Think of it like making a phone call, you need another phone to answer, but they never have one. They’ve been everywhere and in the middle of everything, but no teleporter to remember their DNA makeup. They just materialize out of thin air. That shit bugs the hell out of me.

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