Listen to the new track from Boards of Canada-Reach for the Dead


Very few bands have ever “had me at hello”, but when I listened to Boards of Canada for the first time, I had to ask myself “where have you been all my life?” I immediately bought every single one of their albums, course now I have no idea where any of those albums are, mind you this was before itunes was in full swing, so most of my BoC material was on CD. I did back up some of them on my external, but there are still several albums missing from my catalog. It’s like I lost a child, but no worries, your humble narrator is going to therapy for this and will be back on his feet soon or so my therapist says.

Don’t you love how I completely get off  topic?

Folks, some of you may have been following the ever so cryptic PR, BoC has been running, leading up to their release of their sixth album Tomorrow’s Harvest. Well the wait is finally over, today BoC released the first track off the album entitled Reach for the Dead. This track, as is everything BoC touches, is the stuff of dreams. I can’t wrap my mind around how they are able to reach so far into my mind and harvest vestiges from my past, only to lay it out before me in a beautiful symphony of color and sound. Reach for the Dead, is exactly how the video below portrays it, a memory, something BoC have become masters at. If day dreams had a soundtrack, BoC has been writing it for decades. This single is the first, in what I’m sure will be, an album filled with jars of light, scattered along a grassy hillside over looking an ocean with Saturn on it’s horizon.

Tomorrow’s Harvest is out 6/10 on Warp.


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