MITNG’S Videos of the Week


Action Bronson– Strictly for my Jeeps

I saw the featured rapper Riff Raff in a recent interview on Pitchfork and although I think he’s full of shit, I think he’s a genius. As for Action Bronson, this is the first time I’m been downwind of this cat and for doo doo rhymes he’s not bad to listen to. This is silly party music, nothing else and something tells me that their good with that.

Congo Natty-UK Allstars

With all the craziness going on in the U.K. right now, it’s nice to know that conscious hip hop is still alive. These guys lay down some trip-hop/jungle-esque beats and mix in some chatty linguistics to top of an already intense track. This is a banger.

THEESatisfaction-EEN SAH EWE

I love and have loved what these young ladies have been doing for a minute, but I think the real treat comes in seeing them live. One could only be so lucky to have an affinity for funk and soul and happen upon this set after a long day. They deliver that Farmers Market funk with the ease. So much so, you might want to propose to these divas who are giving neo-soul the Sun Ra enema that it deserves.

Charli XCX-Take My Hand

What can I say, this girl knows how to work a camera. I mean she’s a natural and next to her thumpin music, her charisma is primarily the reason I’ve stayed on board. Take My Hand, is another solid achievement my this UK youngin. The Charli Party is still going! It’ll be interesting to hear how the rest of her new album sounds.

The Lonely Island-Diaper Money

It’s hard being a grown ass man and former Adam Sandberg’s zany hip hop project The Lonely Island, makes it abundantly clear. The song goes from handling diapers to wife nookie to grave plots…you know the fundamentals of marriage. It’s funny, but speaks volumes about what really matters.

Dirty BeachesCasino Lisboa

Is Lisboa a derivative of the word lesbian? Is Lisboa an island where lesbian’s first came from, before venturing to new lands? These and other questions linger on my tongue as I watch this seedy and dirty video for Dirty Beaches track Casino Lisboa. It’s an unfamiliar trek down a redlight district in Thailand. Can you smell that Pad Thai? Oh shit…where’s my wallet?

Kanye West-New Slaves

It’s funny how cathartic Kanye’s music can be. This could be the only thing I do respect about him. He is pretty candid about the way he feels, yeah wait…we all know that. I think what I’m trying to say is that judging by this song, he knows he’s in the rut, that nigga-rich rut, but, and this is something that I hope he will one day understand, he can leave all that shit behind whenever he is ready. But until then, his music is still good and sits lights years apart from the man.


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