Underground Mondays: Mariko shows her skills with “On With The Show”

I opened up my email to find a song in there that catches my ear. I listen to everything I receive thoroughly, just in case it I can find use to it. Some I listen more than others. “On With The Show”, by Singer-Songwriter, Mariko, is a fresh track that has been slowly picking up speed over the time it’s been released. Mariko is a Japanese-born, Boston-raised, and currently resides in New York. From the beginning, she knew music was her passion and continues to pursue it. She has even performed at multiple festivals such as Vans Warped Tour, Yellow Phone Music Conference, and has recently been asked to play at Summerfest 2013 in Milwaukee, WI.

Her sound blends the likes of pop duo, Tegan & Sara, with more credible artists like Lykke Li. She also performs with a backing band, giving her sounds that big, rounded sound. “On With The Show” starts with Mariko showing off her vocal range, which is quite amazing. After the drums kick in, the pre-chorus provides another reason why Mariko is an artist to watch. Her shift of sound to the ‘four on the floor’ drums backs of her sharp singing. Even the chorus breaks into a singable adventure.

Another great reason why “On With The Show” is great is because of the simplicity of the song. It’s lyrics aren’t overly complicated, and are great for screaming at her live shows, and the instrumentation is forward and to the point. Even the solo at the end is simple, but still kicks ass. Mariko’s vocals are the center-piece to this song, and are what carry this track the whole way through.

I really enjoy what I hear. “On With The Show” has that hit single charm that cannot be missed. Her vocals are outstanding, and Mariko is a musician who will shine this summer when her festival dates arrive. Be sure to check out the song below, and catch any of her upcoming dates at http://marikosmusic.com


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