Stream two tracks off BATHS second album Obsidian


There are many things one can find at the end of the tunnel, oneself being most important.Having recently overcome a brutal bout with E.Coli it’s these paths of self exploration that BATHS soul founding member Will Wiesenfeld has taken. The tracks presented below are a testament to the man’s journey during those dark times. Right away the track Miasma Sky is reminiscent of a b-side on an Orbital album, that and it’s a bit Deadmausy, all that being good.

The second song, Ironworks, is a beautiful lullaby, starting off like a Hauschka album or even a Sigur Ros track with it’s plinky piano, but then it eases so effortlessly into the soothing and, dare I say, sexy beat. It goes on from there into places that are meant for lovers.  Perhaps Will had the artists, I just mentioned, albums on during his fever dreams and their subtleties took hold. BATHS music has undergone some reconstruction in the past few years, but it’s lush ambiance has connected all of us to memories past on mostly through our intimate experiences. Romance peppers every lyric and drama every beat, proving once again that nerds have and always will, love the hardest. God Speed Will Wiesenfeld…God Speed.

BATHS new album Obsidian is available now on Itunes

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