MITNG’S Videos of the Week

David Bowie Iggy Pop

Like watching extended footage from a Harmony Korin film, Wise Blood isn’t the freakiest flow I’ve ever heard, but there is something there. Not sure what it is yet, but its good.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
That riff at the beginning of this track is well worth the full listen. The video, inspired by many a Moma showings, pays homage to performance art in an original and slightly disturbing way.

Mozarts Sister-Mozarts Sister
This track is refreshing and so is the video, that is until the goo goo thingy she does at the end. That shits annoying.


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I’m an actor,musician and writer who's blended his love for all three into this blog.

2 thoughts on “MITNG’S Videos of the Week

  1. I am really digging Mozart’s Sister – the bare, paired down vibe seems appropriate for Spring: totally refreshing. Thanks for sharing the vid.

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