Either you’ve been a fan since the early EP’s, or you know “that one song off Portlandia”, it doesn’t matter at all. The only part that matters is that there will be new Washed Out soon. The Sub Pop label dream child has announced the new album, titled Paracosm, and debuted a trippy trailer to go with it. The mirrored images provide an insight to the world Ernest Greene (a.k.a. Washed Out), and show the amount of complexity that will be in the sophomore LP. The chillwave master mind had a good start with his super catchy debut, Within and Without, which garnered an amazing amount of press. The man who planned to be a librarian has showed how quickly life can change, and I expect that to be a reoccurring theme with Paracosm.

Be sure to check out the crazy cool trailer for Paracosm